Keynote Speakers

We are delighted that Dr Justyna Olko (University of Warsaw) and Dr John Sullivan (Zacatecas State University and University of Warsaw) will deliver our keynote address.

Justyna Olko


Justyna Olko (Ph.D. 2005) is a researcher at the Faculty of Liberal Arts at the University of Warsaw, where she directs a Research Group entitled  ‘Encounters between the Old and New Worlds’. Dr Olko specializes in Mesoamerican ethnohistory and anthropology, with a special focus on Nahua (Aztec) culture and cross-cultural transfers and language contact between Europe and New Spain.

Dr Olko has received several major grants for directing team projects, including the Starting Grant of the European Research Council (2012) and subsidies of the Foundation for Polish Science (2010 Focus Program; 2013, Ideas for Poland).



John Sullivan


John Sullivan (Ph.D. 1995) is a Nahuatl philologist, with a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature from the University of California, San Diego. He is the coordinator of the Nahuatl revitalisation research team within the Revitalising Endangered Languages project, based at the University of Warsaw.

Dr Sullivan was a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow (2007). He is the Director of the Zacatecas Institute for Teaching and Research in Ethnology (IDIEZ). Dr Sullivan is a professor at Zacatecas State University and a visiting professor at the University of Warsaw, a Research Scholar in Nahuatl Studies and Academic Director of the Yale-IDIEZ Nahuatl Language Institute.

Dr Sullivan is currently coordinating a team of researchers who are working on a Nahuatl monolingual dictionary which will be used on the new Masters programme in Nahuatl Studies at Zacatecas State University in Mexico.


Last updated 23 March 2016.